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Property with Problems? Could be a winner!

When a potential home has visible problems or issues, it might initially seem like a deterrent. However, for a buyer'sagent, these problems can present unique opportunities.

Where is the property market heading?

The Australian property market is currently in a state of flux, with prices bouncing up and down across the country...

Keep missing out on property?

Securing a property, especially in a competitive real estate market, requires being proactive and organised in your approach.

Rate increases. Price increases.

Not too long ago i.e. a matter of weeks, the mainstream media’s long standing tradition of either reporting boom or bust in Australia’s residential property landscape was holding firm..

Is Property Still Cooling?

There has been a lot of talk recently about "the property market" cooling off...

Saving For Your Second Deposit

This is a continuation of our article 'Saving For Your First Deposit'...

How to Inspect a Property for Purchase

Whether it be an isolated private inspection, or a Saturday full of opens, it's important to know the key items to look for and document during your inspection.

Saving For Your First Deposit

We receive quite a few messages from first home buyers who are looking to enter the market...

Be Smart - Don't Take That Advice!

When people come to me for property advice, two of the most common concerns I hear (and the ones which form the biggest barrier to entry) are...