Our Story

Our Story

MyPropertyPro is a full service buyer’s agency, specialising in residential property acquisition, with a suite of related services.

Founded by Andrew Hancock and Luke van Dongen in 2014, the story behind MyPropertyPro is not one of your typical property agency.  As work colleagues and experienced, passionate property purchasers, our conversation often lead to the frustrations we continually experienced with different aspects of the property industry.

Faced with the possibility of being dissatisfied indefinitely, we invested the time, effort, research, dedication and hard work to start our own agency.

Without being constrained by the concept of “this is the way it has always been done”, we have created a different kind of business – one that understands the needs of home buyers and property investors whilst providing a level of service and support that truly defines what it means to be a property professional.

The result is MyPropertyPro. The aim of our dedicated team is to provide you with a superior buying service and comprehensive suite of related services, all in the one place.

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