What We Do

MyPropertyPro is a full service buyer’s agency, specialising in residential property acquisition, with a suite of related services. We work exclusively for you, the buyer, to purchase your dream home or investment property.

Likely to be one of the biggest financial commitments one can make, most people purchase property only a few times in their life. It is very difficult to become proficient at something without experience, yet many people spend large amounts of money and time with little to no knowledge, often leading to costly mistakes.

MyPropertyPro will reduce the risk and remove the workload and stress of property purchasing. We ensure you get the best possible result for the market conditions by conducting the search, evaluation, negotiation and settlement on your behalf.

Through our professional contacts, we have access to off-market and pre-market properties and have relationships with sales agents and other industry personnel to ensure the process is as smooth as possible and achieves the best possible outcome for you as the client.

Most importantly, we are 100% independent and work for you, and you alone. We do not accept kickbacks, commissions or third party deals as a part of any property acquisition.

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