A few kind words from some of our favourite clients.

Although we're confident we provide a service which is second to none, it’s whether our valued clients agree that really matters. So when they take the time to write and give us positive feedback, or even just to say nice things, there’s no better place to share their sentiments than right here.

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A few kind words from some of our favourite clients.

Although we're sure that we provide a service which is second to none, it’s whether our valued clients agree that really matters. So when they take the time to write and give us positive feedback, or even just to say nice things, there’s no better place to share their sentiments than right here.

If you'd prefer to read our reviews directly in Google Reviews - please click here.

Rose Cairns

October 2021

"I'm So Glad We Had Professional Help!"

We recently had the pleasure of working with Andrew and Elsja from MyPropertyPro who secured us a great property at an excellent price. Real estate is difficult at the best of times, and in this crazily competitive maket I highly recommend getting MyPropertyPro on your side. For what is the biggest purchase of our life thus far, I'm so glad we had professional help!

It was such a relief having an expert objectively appraise the properties we were interested in, and it made us confident in our decision making. The due diligence reports were thorough and balanced, with details we wouldn't have thought to investigate or consider. The off-market search gave us peace of mind that Andrew & Elsja had left no stone un-turned. In addition, their industry connections were a great help - for the house we ended up buying, Andrew managed to snag us the first private inspection, which meant we could act swiftly to secure the property. Finally, I am certain Andrew saved us money with his expert negotiation skills.  Thanks again, Andrew and Elsja, we can't wait to move in to our new home!

Psymaan Pseudonym

September 2021

"What We Didn't Realise Was How Much of an Advantage it is to Work With MyPropertyPro"

My experience with MyPropertyPro exceeded my expectations, and I highly recommend the service. It only took my wife and I five days to purchase a house we never would have dreamed we could buy after we signed up.

Before we joined, we had been in COVID-19 lockdown for some months with two young children at home. We initially started out looking for a house ourselves, but it was very slow going. When my wife saw a MyPropertyPro recommendation on Facebook, we saw it as an opportunity to help us make the move quicker.

What we didn't realise was how much of an advantage it is to work with MyPropertyPro. Andrew has knowledge of the local market, the buyers we were competing with, and the agents in the area. It was like playing poker when you can see everyone else's cards. I just couldn't recommend  them any more highly.

On the first day we joined, Andrew showed us a place that he said might be a bit beyond our reach. It was the sort of house that we would never have even considered possible without professional help. He told us about the back-story to the sale, and said that there might be an opportunity to land it. He was very persuasive with the agent and 5 days later it was ours. We're still pinching ourselves.

Andrew's wife Elsja even came to a local park our kids were playing at with forms to sign for the deal, and held our dog while we inspected the place. Everything went so wonderfully well.

Thanks so much Andrew and Elsja.

Shannon Overs

October 2021

"6 Stars out of 5!"

As I write this review I am counting down the days until I move into my dream home. I know for certain that I would have missed out on the perfect property for my family had it not been for the assistance of Andrew and Elsja from MyPropertyPro.

I absolutely cannot fault the service, professionalism and quality of this service. I chose to use a buyers agent because I was buying from out of area, time poor, and did not feel that I knew the local real estate market. Andrew took the time to understand what I was looking for, helped me develop a realistic budget, and then he got straight to work.

In less than a week, I had purchased a house that was above and beyond anything I could have imagined. I'm so glad that I didn't waste any time house-hunting on my own and getting frustrated with the process - highly recommend going straight to the professionals! 6 stars out of 5!

Kirsty Stevens

June 2021

"I Highly Recommend Using MyPropertyPro"

Andrew & Elsja are amazing & made the process of finding a home so much easier. What really stood out for me is their strong work ethic & extensive knowledge of not just the market, but all things real estate.

Krista Wright

July 2021

"We Had a Fantastic Experience Working With MyPropertyPro"

We engaged them after realising we needed an upper hand as we weren't getting any traction on our own in a highly competitive and complex market.

Andrew's knowledge of the local market was apparent from our first call, and moving from outside the area, this was hugely valuable to us. We really liked his professional yet personal approach and felt comfortable trusting him almost immediately. As first home buyers much of the process was new to us and Andrew proved invaluable in knowing exactly what to look for and the right questions to ask.

After less than a month of working with MyPropertyPro we secured our future home off market at 9pm on a Friday night after viewing on Thursday afternoon! We would have missed out if we had not moved that quickly and Andrew knew exactly how to get the property across the line for us. Also whilst we moved very quickly we certainly didn't feel uninformed, Andrew turned around a thorough due diligence report on the property in less than 24 hours. Amazing!

Communication through the whole process has been outstanding and it's been so lovely getting to know both Andrew and Elsja. Buying a home is daunting, made even more stressful by the highly competitive market, but having Andrew and Elsja on our 'team' gave us such a level of comfort and reassurance and really simplified the whole process.

Rachel S

July 2021

"I Would Recommend Using This Service to Anyone in the Market Looking for an Advantage"

My husband and I began our hunt for an inner Sydney apartment on our own and were quickly overwhelmed by the competitive nature of the market coupled with wariness of dealing with sales agents. After engaging MyPropertyPro and teaming up with Andrew and Elsja we were able to leverage their experience to help us make informed choices - and it really did feel like teamwork as we never had any doubt they were 100% on our side, and had our best interests at the forefront of their advice. Their communication was clear and rational, and led us to an excellent outcome which is a testament to the work they put in. I would recommend using this service to anyone in the market looking for an advantage and some great team members to help them!

Shaun Stevens

August 2021

"Outstanding Customer Service"

Thank you to Andrew and Elsja. Outstanding customer service and highly recommend them for their expertise, care and professionalism. Especially with the activity in the market it was such a relief to have someone working on our behalf to obtain a great result for us. Service recommended. Thank you!

Paul Wright

July 2021

"I Couldn't Recommend Andrew and Elsja Enough"

If it wasn't for them and all of the amazing work that they did, we would still be looking for our home now. They took the time to learn about what was important to us in our dream home. They have the experience and knowledge that we required so that we would only be presented with the best properties that suited our circumstances. For me, the biggest asset was how they could deal with the Agents directly through the offer and negotiation process.
We were really able to build such a strong relationship with Andrew and Elsja during this very important time in our lives.

Kenelm Winslow

September 2021

"Andrew and Elsja Went Above and Beyond"

Andrew and Elsja went above and beyond for us in our home purchase. Time and again they proved their value in a market that is large, complex and competitive. They kept us informed all the way and we could not have asked for more in terms of service. In my opinion having a buyers agent on your side is definitely becoming a necessity. Think about it, the vendors have an agent, why shouldn't we!?

Alyssa Earley - Sales Agent

August 2021

"Would Recommended His Services"

I recently had the pleasure of working with Andrew from MyPropertyPro.

Andrew is knowledgeable, professional, helpful and most importantly approachable .. You can see he has a real passion for what he does and works hard for his clients no matter what day/time it is.

He was also extremely patient and understanding throughout the process while dealing with a difficult client on the other side.

I look forward to hopefully working with Andrew in the near future and would recommended his services to anyone considering.

Adam Ross

June 2021

"Hugely Proactive, Professional and Responsive"

We thoroughly explored a few options when considering investing with a buyer's agent and absolutely made the right choice with Andrew and Elsja.

In terms of the outcome, we engaged them just 10 weeks ago and have bought our home already.

The property we bought was found off-market through the connections and relationships Andrew has.  It meant we avoided any auction and got it at a below-market price too. This simply would not have been possible without Andrew.  We wouldn't have even known about it, let alone secured it for the price that we did.

Throughout the journey Andrew and Elsja have been hugely proactive, professional and responsive. From the moment we engaged them, they were sharing various properties that either met or simply honed in on our brief.

They arranged private viewings for us of two properties (the second of which we bought) prior to them being opened up to the market. They have taken care of all communications and arrangements with our mortgage broker and lawyer. They arranged and attended the onsite building and pest inspection.

They have also been an absolute pleasure to deal with throughout and I'm almost sad that now we have bought a place, we won't have our daily whatsapp messages back and forth.

Buying a home is such a huge investment both financially and emotionally and Andrew and Elsja have taken all of the pressure away and made it so easy for us.

Could not recommend engaging them any more.

Stephanie Owen

June 2021

"Thank You Andrew and Elsja! We Couldn’t Have Done it Without You"

We couldn’t recommend My Property Pro highly enough. We engaged them to buy our first home and they made the process smooth, stress free and of course successful, securing an off market property for us within 6 weeks and below market value - the dream! The team are friendly, knowledgeable and great communicators. Their local market knowledge and relationships especially are a real advantage and meant they were able to act quickly on a number of occasions to get the sale over the line for us. Thank you Andrew and Elsja! We couldn’t have done it without you.

Keith Totman

July 2021

"I Couldn't Recommend Them Enough!!"

After months of looking for a house and missing out because I couldn't act fast enough or was being beaten to the punch, I contacted Andrew @ MyPropertyPro. I couldn't be happier that I did! After our initial meeting & setting up a brief, Andrew secured a property off market in a week, negotiated hard & delivered a quality property at a great price. Throughout the entire process the communication, agility, professionalism & reassurance that the whole team provided was second to none. Buying a house is a daunting process, even more so in a hot market, but from start to finish you know you have someone in your corner with your best interests in mind.

My Property Pro are the most accredited in the area. Andrew & the team are always on hand to answer any questions & nothing is too much trouble. So if you're buying do yourself a favour,  have a chat to the team, I couldn't recommend them enough!!

Jordan Duncan

August 2021

"Couldn't Be Happier"

Andrew and the team at MPP helped me and my partner secure a house within a month in the rising Sydney market. Not only that, but the in-depth research helped negotiating a price well under the asking price. Couldn't be happier and would happily recommend friends/family to this brilliant company.

Kimberley Dickinson

September 2021

"The Process Itself was Seamless"

We could not rate our experience with MyPropertyPro more highly. From the first meeting with Andrew, we felt a sense of ease and comfort. Knowing that he was accredited with REBAA gave us a sense of his upmost professionalism, but we were particularly impressed with his understanding of the market, local knowledge, and his overarching sense of calm. We were also pleased that he was an accomplished buyer and investment adviser, so we felt we were in safe hands.

The process itself was seamless, as Andrew and Elsja stayed in touch with us every step along the journey, and were always quick to respond to any questions. Early mornings, late nights, weekends - they were there, working hard and chasing down every lead. We also felt our brief was clearly understood. It actually felt like Andrew and Elsja were co-investors, looking at our future home through the same lenses we were.

In only a few short weeks, Andrew and Elsja found our dream family home off market and within 4 days only, helped us secure it, by bargaining hard and being the voice of reason when I was prepared to simply throw cash at the vendors to secure it. We are so excited to move into our gorgeous new home and cannot thank Andrew and Elsja more for all their efforts.

However, the best and most pleasantly surprising part of the process is how well we 'clicked' with A&E. They started as our agents but quickly became our friends. It made the process so more enjoyable! We're excited to also be living within a stone's throw of them once we move into our new home.

Douglas Janeczko

June 2021

"Fantastic Experience with MyPropertyPro"

Highly recommended. Can't thank Andrew and Elsja enough. In a hot market they found us a home off market, within 6 weeks and for less than the property was worth.

Communication was excellent and their connections, local knowledge and ability to move quickly really gave us the advantage.

Working in compliance, it was important to me that Andrew was appropriate licensed and accredited (you'll find not everyone is).

The due diligence report Andrew prepared was comprehensive and meant we had the confidence to make our decision to purchase (and importantly great advice on homes not to purchase where we might have otherwise gotten into trouble).

If you are looking to buy a home I highly recommend you give them a try.

Dejana Bosevski

May 2021

"Extremely Diligent and Professional"

MyPropertyPro, helped us to find our first property coming into the Sydney market. It was a daunting task, but having their expertise was reassuring.

Andrew is extremely diligent and professional. He worked around the clock for us, and was always available to talk. He worked very hard to negotiate the best possible purchase price and conditions, and he had our best interests in mind at all times.

They made purchasing in this highly competitive market much less stressful for my family.

Daniel Gallen - Sales Agent

June 2021

"First Class Service"

We had the pleasure of first meeting Andrew at one of our open homes in Gymea. He told us then about the business expanding into the Sutherland-Shire and instinctively his process had unique features that were going to set him apart.

Since then Andrew has been consistent with client requirements and we were delighted that we had the opportunity to work together on a property recently that our clients specifically did not want to take to market.

Andrew's clients viewed the property on a Tuesday and in less than three days the property had exchanged unconditionally.

As well as moving extremely quickly, (which suited our clients) Andrew was on hand to negotiate and take phone-calls and e-mails outside of office hours.

If purchasers are looking for someone to help them find their dream home and navigate the process to a successful conclusion while offering a first class service then Andrew and his team are the people to use.


May 2021

"Thanks So Much for Everything Andrew!!!"

We would highly recommend Andrew at MyPropertyPro to help you find your dream home.

In this crazy property market the stresses were real- being constantly outbid, ignored by real estate agents and feeling like we were being priced out, we decided to give Andrew a call who came highly recommended to us, and he was AMAZING!

He found our home, negotiated a great price, organised legals, financing and within 2 weeks had everything signed, sealed and delivered.

He let us sit back & relax while he took over the hard work, staying in touch every step of the way. He was professional, empathetic & friendly, and made sure he always had our best interests at heart.

He is extremely knowledgeable & passionate about what he does and I would both recommend MyPropertyPro & use his services again.

Thanks so much for everything Andrew!!!

Michael Bosevski

May 2021

"Highly Recommend Them as a Buyer's Agent"

We had a great buyers agent experience with Andrew at MyPropertyPro. He was very knowledgeable in the areas we were looking to buy in and was always available to discuss any matter with us.

I would highly recommend them as a buyers agent, they do thorough research, work diligently, are very professional and make you feel like their attention to you as their customer is there 100% of the time. Would not hesitate to use them again.

Nieke Becker

June 2021

"Incredibly Professional and Diligent"

Andrew and the MPP team have been incredible during our journey to purchase our first home. My Partner and I started the year going it alone and found the market quickly getting away from us.

Within four weeks Andrew found us an off market property and negotiated a fair price within our budget. His knowledge of the area, relationships with local agents and daily communication was invaluable.

MyPropertyPro are incredibly professional and diligent, and take the stress out of home buying.

I’m confident had we not engaged Andrew we would not have been able to purchase a property on our own.

We will certainly be using Andrew again when we’re ready to upsize!

Melanie Whiteman

May 2021

"We Can't Recommend MyPropertyPro Enough"

Andrew and his team are the answer to anyone wishing to get into the property market with the help of experienced professionals from start to finish.
We had been looking to purchase our family home in the Shire for a number of months without success, the prices were rising and we needed another approach, then we were referred to MyPropertyPro.
Andrews knowledge and industry connections found us a home in a very short time, if only we engaged him sooner!
We can't recommend MyProperty Pro enough, they take away the stress of buying a home, simplify the process and find you the property you have always been looking for, not to mention give you your weekends back!

Laura Robertson

March 2021

"Andrew Was Worth Every Penny"

With the property market being out of control at the moment, we decided to explore working with a buyers agent to buy our new home.

We were a little uncertain having never worked with one before and it can be an expensive exercise however I have to say, Andrew was worth every penny. From signing our contract to work with Andrew, to signing a contract on a new home it was EIGHT DAYS!

Now we did say we wanted to move quickly but that exceeded even our expectations. Andrew was professional from the outset, he went above and beyond to cover the market, he took a solid brief and then over delivered with the house he found us within budget!

He was knowledgeable about the area and the market and was able to guide us through seamlessly despite us being anxious and excitable about the home he found us.

His follow up was regular and professional and we could not recommend him and his business more!

Shaun Thompson

May 2021

"Couldn't Recommend MyPropertyPro Any Higher"

We couldn't recommend MyPropertyPro any higher.

We had been struggling (out bid, beyond our budget, real estate agents not returning phone calls, agents not advising us that an offer had been made and loosing the property without us even knowing, ect...) this went on for 6 months before engaging the MyPropertyPro teams help.

From day 1 it felt like a weight had been lifted of our shoulders and within 2 weeks in this current (crazy) market we had our next home.

Not only did Andrew's negotiating powers save us a significant sum of money, we also received great advice from contracts to full property Due Diligence Reports and at the same time a lot of empathy towards what is a stressful time in our lives.
Thank you Andrew, Elsja and the MyPropertyPro team

Allan Manuel

April 2021

"Outstanding Service"

Andrew and the MyPropertyPro team helped me and my partner secure a property within 5weeks. They negotiated an excellent price and took the pain out of attending open houses and auctions only to be disappointed and outbid.

Outstanding service and would recommend to all my family and friends.

Ollie Budden

June 2021

"Impressed With Every Aspect of his Service"

After losing out on a few properties going it alone it became apparent we needed a competitive advantage so we engaged MPP. Upon the first meeting we quickly realised that Andrew is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced in the property industry and his professionalism is second to none. We formally engaged Andrew and the team to help us find and secure our first home which he was able to do within 4 weeks.

We were impressed with every aspect of his service, his local knowledge and contacts were invaluable including the due diligence conducted on target properties - which on more than one occasion gave us insight that we would have not otherwise had and that enabled us to make decisions to avoid issues in the long term. The communication style and frequency from the team was personal yet professional, and the work ethic of the team is impressive. Overall the level of service was fantastic.

Not only did MPP get us a great result quickly, they took all the stress out of finding the right property for us. I highly recommend MPP and the team to help with your search - you will not be disappointed!


February 2021

"Their Advice Was Spot On"

I was looking to get into the property market for some time, however, I was hesitant due to my lack of understanding and knowledge. I approached MyPropertyPro in search of answers and assistance, and they delivered. Exceptional!

Quite quickly, it became apparent that they knew the property market, investing and property buying inside and out. Along with their guidance and expertise, I gained a new sense of confidence. They didn’t try to sell me on anything, they were just passionate about helping me for the right reasons.

I bought a property soon after and haven’t looked back. Their advice was spot on. I’ll certainly be calling MyPropertyPro for assistance with the next one (soon) as well.

Martin Longstaff

April 2021

"Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value"

We bought a house in 8 days!

We knew engaging a buyers agent made sense, we just didn’t realise how much. Sleepless nights were replaced with the excitement of securing our dream home.

After asking for referrals from our broker and conveyancer, we met the people that covered our purchase area. Andrew from MyPropertyPro was a standout. In addition to the standard package we discussed with others, MPP offered access to an additional suite of services that, as out of town buyers, added massive value.

Andrew was credible, trustworthy, and hard working. In summary, if you are on the fence re. using a buyers agent, don’t be. And if Andrew covers your area – use him.

Oh… I should add, they’re not a one-man team. Timing is critical buying pre auction, another reason we picked MPP. Sorry – long review and I could add so much more.

My wife and I are over the moon.


January 2021

"Would Definitely be Using Their Services Again"

After missing out on properties and generally being time poor, we approached MyPropertyPro.  Couldn’t be happier with their service. Took all the hassle of searching, negotiating and reading through paperwork away.  Would definitely be using their services again.


January 2021

"Andrew is the Ultimate Property Professional"

Andrew is the ultimate property professional and I cannot fault his service from the beginning to the end. Buying a home can be a daunting process but I highly recommend using someone like Andrew to make the process a smooth one.

David Whiteman

May 2021

"Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value"

MyPropertyPro's business attributes are Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value.


September 2019

"It’s Rare to Work with Someone Like Andrew"

In my 17 years of working in the property investment industry, it’s rare to work with someone like Andrew.

Andrew is genuinely passionate about property and he shares this passion with everyone that will listen.

People listen because his experience and extensive knowledge is valuable to anyone requiring assistance in the property investment sector and it is delivered with integrity with their sole interest in mind.


September 2019

"The Best We Have Ever Come Across"

MyPropertyPro is certainly the best we have ever come across.

We hope the business continues to grow, as we are sure it will, with the excellent people and procedures you have in place.


December 2018

"I Will Not Hesitate to Engage Him and His Business in the Future"

Andrew is the most passionate, knowledgeable and approachable individual I know that is involved with property. If it wasn’t for his enthusiasm, contacts and guidance I would not be in the position I am now where I hold multiple properties in my portfolio.

His knowledge on property continues to amaze me and he’s continually striving to improve himself on this front. I will not hesitate to engage him and his business in the future as I believe he will always have the client’s best interest at heart.

Justin & Phoebe

December 2018

"We continue to be impressed by the level of service that the MyPropertyPro team provides"

When we made a decision to relocate overseas we needed someone we could trust to help with our Australian property interests. Luke was extremely knowledgeable and dedicated the time necessary to ensure we were comfortable every step of the way.

Luke’s advice was well-researched and his commitment to delivering positive outcomes for us was clear from the beginning. We continue to be impressed by the level of service that Luke and the MyPropertyPro team provides.


February 2018

"MyPropertyPro Have Certainly Exceeded My Expectations"

Andrew has always given me great advice with regards to property. He is extremely knowledgeable and obviously spends many hours researching, reading and building on that knowledge base. It is clear he has a great passion for everything property related and is the perfect person to turn to when you have a question.

MyPropertyPro have certainly exceeded my expectations in the service they provide.

Jocelyn W

January 2018

"No Hesitation Recommending the MyPropertyPro Team"

I would have no hesitation recommending the MyPropertyPro team to anyone with an agent they believe could be offering better service.


September 2017

"They Delivered. Exceptional!"

I was looking to get into the property market for some time, however, I was hesitant due to my lack of understanding and knowledge. I approached MyPropertyPro in search of answers and assistance, and they delivered. Exceptional!

Quite quickly, it became apparent that they knew the property market, investing and property buying inside and out. Along with their guidance and expertise, I gained a new sense of confidence. They didn’t try to sell me on anything, they were just passionate about helping me for the right reasons.

I bought a property soon after and haven’t looked back. Their advice was spot on. I’ll certainly be calling MyPropertyPro for assistance with the next one (soon) as well.


July 2017

"As an Australian expat, I need someone I can trust in Australia"

As an Australian expat, I need someone I can trust in Australia to guide me with my property buying and investment. Someone with all the necessary knowledge and skills to help me maximise my investment and minimise my risk. Andrew Hancock is that person.

He has always given me sound, well thought out advice and has taken the time to educate me throughout. Andrew’s in-depth and up to date knowledge of all aspects affecting property gives me the confidence to continue to purchase property and manage my assets effectively.


February 2017

"MyPropertyPro Has Played a Vital Role"

From the outset of my residential property purchase, MyPropertyPro has played a vital role in delivering an exceptional customer experience throughout. Their attention to detail and ability to think laterally has proved fundamental in driving the financial performance of my property.

Overall I couldn’t be happier to have MyPropertyPro as my property agency.

Paul and Caitlin

August 2016

"Couldn’t Be Happier with the MyPropertyPro Team"

We engaged MyPropertyPro after an extensive search and from the very beginning, the service and transparency has been absolutely second-to-none and we couldn’t be happier with the MyPropertyPro team.

They have handled absolutely everything and have made our transition from homeowners to investors absolutely seamless. We can’t recommend MyPropertyPro highly enough!


March 2016

"A Lot Less Stressful with Andrew’s Help and Guidance"

I recently bought my first property – a very daunting process which was made a lot less stressful with Andrew’s help and guidance.

At first when Andrew told me to give him a call if I had any questions about buying, I was worried I’d annoy him – but I soon learnt he really enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience.

When Andrew starts talking about property it’s immediately obvious how passionate and knowledgeable he is. Being an experienced investor himself, he knows the little things to look out for that can end up saving you money and headache.