MyPropertyPro offers the following acquisition services for home buyers and investors

Appraisal and Negotiation

We will meet you anywhere in your property buying journey - you find the property and we take care of the rest.

Full Market Search

Our full and complete service package taking you from your decision to buy, right through to settlement.

Off Market Search

A tailored service to include properties not available on the open market. Can include Appraisal and Negotiation

For detailed information about any of the above services, please contact us.

Our buying services above also include a combination of the following, depending on your specific needs.

Finance & Loans

For a property buyer, having a finance broker who truly understands finance and loan structuring is absolutely essential.

Whether you are buying your first home, your first investment property, already own a portfolio, or any combination of the above, we specialise and work with property buyers by providing an array of financial solutions to ensure that your goals are attained.

“I owned four investment properties but was unable to obtain finance for my fifth purchase using my current broker. After a recommendation to MyPropertyPro, Jon reviewed my portfolio and financial set up, immediately seeing mistakes both in loans and structure. After working with me to restructure and optimise my finance, I was able to immediately purchase another three investment properties.“
Ashton, Sydney based investor.

It is critical to surround yourself with a good team to assist with your purchasing, and an specialist finance broker is a crucial part of that team.

Please contact us to discuss your property finance options.

Cash Flow Analysis

Our detailed property analysis and cash flow reports are prepared by our Qualified Property Investment Adviser (QPIA®) and are provided as an additional service to MyPropertyPro clients who wish to assess the cashflow on their property or property portfolio on a more technical level.

Cash flow reports can be prepared to assess current or projected cash flow for either prospective or existing purchases. To examine the quality and depth of our reports, please take a moment to view our sample report below.

If you would like us to prepare a personalised report for your investment property or portfolio, please contact us.
Download Sample Report

Portfolio Optimisation

When you purchase your first property or add a new property to your existing portfolio, our Qualified Property Investment Adviser (QPIA®) can review your strategy to ensure your portfolio is optimised.

This involves reviewing many aspects of the property portfolio such as lease timing and expiration, rental amounts, maintenance, tenant charges, finance, insurance, depreciation and cash flow. Optimising your portfolio ensures that your returns are maximised which in turn will help you achieve your future investing goals.

At MyPropertyPro, we are experienced property investors with the view of helping our investor clients run their property portfolios as efficiently as we run our own.

Please contact us to discuss your portfolio optimisation options.

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