Why do I need a buyer’s agent? Can’t I just do it myself?
As with most high level interactions, it is better to engage a professional to represent you and look after your interests. This is particulary true for property acquisitions where most people have limited experience and knowledge, usually purchasing property only a few times in their lives.

There are a plethora of tasks and risks when purchasing a property so understanding how to effectively and efficiently navigate these can be a time consuming and stressful process - and costly if you get it wrong.

Buying a property is usually the highest value transaction you will make in your life. In the same way people engage a lawyer for legal representation rather than representing themselves, it is strongly recommended you engage a buyer’s agent for your property purchase to give you the best result possible.
How much do you charge?
Unlike many buyer’s agents, we do not charge a percentage of the purchase price – we quote a fixed fee prior to engagement. We believe that charging a percentage of the purchase price is not truly in your best interest and counter-intuitive to part of our goal in getting you the best price.

We charge a relatively small engagement fee to get started and once we have completed the process and secured a property on your behalf, we charge a success fee proportional to the service we have provided. Due to the fact that our fixed fee varies depending on your chosen service, it is best to get in touch to discuss in further detail.
Can you guarantee you will save me money?
Whilst not much in life in guaranteed, what we can guarantee is that we will use every single one of our available resources, in addition to our experience and expertise, to make it very likely that you will save money compared to doing it yourself. This is not only due to direct monetary benefits that exist through our negotiation strategies, understanding true market value and our relationships, but also in a genuine 'time-cost' saving to you as the buyer.

It is often hard to quantify how much one would save using a buyer’s agent, but we have great examples of when this has happened in the past and are happy to share! It is important to note, however, that the best outcome is getting you the right property for the right price, not just ‘buying cheap’.
How do I know you’re truly independent and not getting kick-backs from the seller or sales agent?
A buyer’s agent should always be 100% independent from the sales side of the process. At MyPropertyPro, this is the underlying principle and model of our entire business and is not something we would ever compromise.

The true definition of ‘independent’, ‘impartial’ or ‘unbiased’ is when no commission or any other income based on the volume of business is received by the agent or adviser. The use of these words is actually restricted under Section 923A of the Corporations Act unless criteria are met, one of which is that we are legally required to disclose it.

We feel so passionately about this that we are professional members of The Real Estate Buyer's Agents Association of Australia (REBAA) and The Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA) and we subscribe to both voluntary Codes of Conduct on top of our legal requirements.
What is the process?
It's a fully collaborative process from start to finish and we want to make sure you are comfortable every step of the way.

The process will typically run something like this:
  • We will get to know you better in person or on the phone, and discuss exactly what you’re looking for and to ensure you are comfortable that we are the right fit to help you achieve your property goals.
  • Once you have engaged us, we will commence our internal process to narrow down the search and source both on and off market properties using a variety of methods, including our local relationships and contacts. We will present to you any suitable properties that fit your criteria and, if you wish, organize for you to inspect any suitable property at this time.
  • If you then wish to pursue a recommended property we will commence our thorough due diligence process, including providing you with a recommended and confidential price point. Then, with your authorization, we will commence negotiations.
  • After we have secured the property under contract, we will oversee and manage the entire settlement process, right through until you have the keys in your hand!
How long will it take to purchase a property?
Whilst we are able to work with any sort of requirements, generally we do not prefer to define any time frames. This is because we are interested in achieving a result that meets your needs and with which you are satisfied. The process can be complicated by working to firm deadlines.

A purchase can happen in as little as one to two weeks, or it can take a few months. It is largely determined by our client’s needs, the market itself and many other factors.

If you have a specific time frame you need to meet, we are more than happy to work with you on this, however, it is generally best to approach the buying process by removing emotion and focusing on the best possible result, rather than trying to meet a deadline.

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